Commercial Energy Assessment

Geo Survey & Reporting

Drone Oil and Gas Inspection

An increasing number of O&G companies use drones to perform three basic industry functions at a significantly lower cost than ground, manned aircraft or helicopter inspection crews.

Drone Telecom Inspection

Aerospectrum provides advanced, detailed, and cost-effective infrastructure inspection solutions using state-of-the-art technology and software.

Universal Ground Control Software

Mission Planning,
One Click Flight,
Data Collection,
Drone Video Surveillance
Integration with VMS Platforms,
Post Production.

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What Does Aerospectrum Offer?

Oil & Gas Industry
Drone Based Bathymetric Survey
GPR Solution
Drone Video Surveillance 
Metal Detection
Telecom & Powerline Inspection

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Benefits of Drone/UAV commercial services:

  • Higher safety measures
  • Lower costs of operations
  • Up to Centimeter precision
  • Time saving and fast results
UAV commercial

Commercial Drone Services

Quick, Cost Effective, Non-Disruptive and Precise Services

drone pilots
drones and sensors
Project Management
data acquisition


We are a team of licensed drone pilots, mechanical and electronics engineers, and IT professionals, combining 40 years of </br>expertise into a drone based business enterprise.


Aerospectrum utilizes Commercial Drone Services in area of aerial commercial energy audit, asset inspection, survey/mapping, and 2D/3D modeling and produce an analytical report using drone’s big collected data by the means of state-of-the-art analytical software.

Commercial Drone Services provides advanced, detailed, and cost-effective infrastructure inspection solutions using state-of-the-art<br/> technology and software. Drones provide extremely precise aerial intelligence that simplifies and improves a wide range<br/> of O&G workflows.

The UAV high-resolution cameras can be employed to perform 2D orthoplan and 3D point cloud/BIM. 2D orthoplan is a valuable <br/>asset for site supervision, territory planning, architecture or urban planning projects.
commercial drone services

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