Drone UAV Services

Drone UAV Services


Drone Construction Inspections

At Aerospectrum, we use the latest hardware and software to fly, scan, survey and create reports.

Drone UAV Services


Drone UAV Services with high-resolution cameras can be employed to perform 2D orthoplan and 3D point cloud/BIM.  2D orthoplan is a valuable asset for site supervision, territory planning, architecture or urban planning projects. Drone-UAV Construction Inspections generate point clouds offer many advantages: speed of execution, reduced time of immobilization of the site, acquisition of the comprehensive data even in the hard-to-reach places. Drones are an ideal tool to complete your acquisitions taken from the ground in complete safety. At Aerospectrum, through the Drone-UAV Construction Inspections we use the latest hardware and software to fly, scan, survey and create reports.

Our latest drone flight mode enables AEC professionals to capture vertical and oblique structures and façades with autonomous drone flights. This provides a fast and cost-effective way to perform as-built surveys as projects evolve over time, in addition to simplifying the ways users measure stockpiles, inspect infrastructure, and more. Users choose the area they want to scan and the software automatically generates the flight path, ensuring the whole site is captured effectively.



Managers and key players enjoy unprecedented project visibility with accurate 2D maps, 3D models, and high-resolution aerial photos and videos using drones.

Team members can view near real-time digital models of your projects securely through a web browser from anywhere in the world.

Export your data collected from the Drone-UAV Construction Inspections into Autodesk-native file formats and use it in tools like Civil 3D, Revit, and InfraWorks, in addition to GIS software.

Our industry-first integration with Autodesk BIM 360 easily pushes point clouds and orthomosaics to the rest of your team, keeping everyone in sync from the office to the field.
Drone Construction Inspections

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