drone metal detector
Drone Metal Detection

To detect metal objects (ferrous and non-ferrous)



The EM61-MK2A metal detector sensor is a high sensitivity, high resolution, time domain metal detector suitable for the detection of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal. Typical target response is a single, sharply defined peak, facilitating quick and accurate determination of location. Achievable depth of detection will depend on several target characteristics, with the surface area and orientation of the target of particular importance. A single 200 litre (55 gal.) drum can be detected at depths greater than three metres.

Metal Detector



        UXO Detection

Pinpoint Unexploded Ordnance targets with high accuracy without entering the dangerous area


Locating underground infrastructure (metal pipes and cables) and any metallic waste


Survey vast distances and leave potential archaeology sites undisturbed

                                         Case Study

Goal: Testing the systems ability to detect diverse size and shape objects.

Technology: EM61Lite integrated with a drone equipped with a radar altimeter.

Flight Control: UgCS with True Terrain Following mode.

Result: All metallic targets were detected.

Download Sample Data

                System Requirements

The system consists of the Geonics EM61Lite time domain metal detector mounted on a drone. Survey missions are planned and flown in automatic mode with UgCS.
The adding of the onboard computer UgCS SkyHub enables the drone to fly in True Terrain Following (TTF) mode with the help of the radar altimeter and to log geotagged sensor data.
Optional component: RTK/PPK GNSS receiver on the drone to geotag the data with cm-level precision.

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