Drone Bathymetry Case Study

NuShore Shoreline Restoration, Destin-Florida


The objective of the project is to utilize the force of wind, waves, and tidal current to reverse the effects of erosion and regenerate a dry beachfront. The proposed system provides storm protection for upland structures and increases the habitat for marine life and shorebirds. It is accomplished through the temporary installation of a series of NuShore porous groynes from just above the mean high waterline seaward, approximately 150 feet. When the desired width is accomplished, NuShore may be removed and stored away for future reinstatement. When wave attenuation structures in the breakwater zone cause excessive sand buildup that interferes with longshore sand transport, the wave attenuation devices may be repositioned to deeper water, lessening the resistance to waves and stabilizing the beach equilibrium. A wider beach creates an opportunity for windblown sand to travel to the dune system. Dune fencing and native vegetation plantings capture the windblown sand and help regenerate sandbanks, offering another level of storm protection for upland structures.

Equipment,Training & On Site Presentation by Aerospectrum

To establish the depth of water before installation of the NuShore porous groynes and monitor the deposition of sand after installation, a bathymetry system, an Echologger probe integrated into a drone was used to establish the depth of water.  Aerospectrum drone bathymetry system is a fully automated system capable of monitoring the water depth at a specific geological position during the course of study with a high accuracy level of less than 2 cm.   After every survey, the collected data were mapped on the google map of the under-study area.  The color-coded system was used to show the difference in water depth for each survey. 


Destin Florida Bathymetry Project in-action

Destin Shore Restoration TV Report

Beach Restoration Project Underway on Destin Florida Using Drone Batheymetry System.

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