Drone for Infrastructure

Drone for Infrastructure


Infrastructure Inspection Solutions

Aerospectrum provides advanced, detailed, and cost-effective infrastructure inspection solutions using state-of-the-art technology and software.

drone for infrastructure


Hard-to-reach assets are viewed at close range, and in most cases, the job site remains fully operational to avoid inconvenience due to closure. Data gathered by Drone for Infrastructure inspection is easily uploaded to cloud storage, so that it is archived and accessible to all shareholders. Drones in civil engineering are the best alternative to traditional methods of infrastructure inspection, and never compromise information quality.

  • Monitor road and highway damage due to environmental impact and natural erosion.
  • Maintain bridges, tunnels and other critical infrastructure to help reduce the cost of on-demand maintenance, all the while ensuring public safety.
  • Perform railway inspections frequently and efficiently to avoid damage and derailment.
  • View seaports, canals, and waterways in superior detail and accuracy.
  • Drone Telecom Tower Inspection


Time, cost and safety are the major parameters to consider for infrastructures inspections. Aerospectrum aerial power line inspections make it safer, faster, more accurate and cost effective.

Power lines present unique maintenance challenges due to their geographical dispersion, as well as their height. Helicopters or an army of men as the means of traditional inspections can be more easily and efficiently replaced by UAVs.

Capable of capturing high-resolution photo and 4K video the images captured by drones are detailed enough for fine post-inspection analysis while the live feed will allow operators to see significant problems as they fly.

Drone Telecom Inspection

Drone Telecom Tower Inspection have become a major asset used to inspect the 184,000 relay antenna deployed over all the territories which are sometimes difficult to access, even inaccessible using other solutions such as hydraulic lifts. Drones allow to see better by taking photos of the smallest part of the antenna at a large height in complete safety. The planning of potential maintenance work is greatly facilitated.
drone telecom inspection

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