Aerial video surveillance: Patrol, Reveal & protect!

Enrich security systems with flying cameras


UgCS CC Video

Drone video integration with various Video Management Systems (VMS)


Integration with Milestone VMS
Luxriot Evo

Integration with Luxriot Evo

UgCS CC Video Features

  • Low latency, reliable livestream from drones
  • Out of the box integration with VMS systems: Milestone, Luxriot and others
  • Drone and pilot positions displayed on the map
  • Optional support for Pixhawk-based drones

  • Not a cloud solution. Private installation
  • Video recording of a Full Motion Video (compatible with ArcGiS Full Motion Video) 
  • Georeferenced MISB compliant video - know exact location of each frame
  •   Support for EO/IR/UV camera

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