Commercial Energy Assessment

Commercial Energy Assessment



Aerospectrum utilizes UAVs equipped with IR Thermal cameras to perform Commercial Energy Assessment and Drone Thermal Mapping for buildings and high-rises.

commercial energy assessment

Drone Thermal Mapping

We are looking for air-leakage points, thermal bridges and insulation problems through a thermal survey of the building envelope, detect the weak points online and build a 3D thermal model of the property for further analytic reports including quantifying the total energy loss and tips to overcome the losses and add to the building envelope performance.

Benefits of a building Commercial Energy Assessment & Drone Thermal Mapping are:

  • Absence, deterioration or poor implementation of insulation
  • Leakage of fluid networks outside the building
  • Sealing of the envelope or joineries
  • Bursting of reinforced concrete
  • Thermal bridges water infiltration
  • Non exhaustive and easy to access the difficult areas like roofs or corners
  • Fast, accurate and safe operations

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