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 Quick, Safe and Efficient, Subsurface data collection 

GPR+drone integrated system enables to see through the surface of the ground, ice, rocks, freshwater at unsafe and hazardous environments without compromising the safety of staff, providing an additional solution for more efficient surveying.

How It works?



DJI M600 or M200 Series



Radar Systems Zond-12e Drone 500a


Data Logger

Radar's data logging is started automatically and geotagged with GPS coordinates from the autopilot



Flight planning and control software displaying GPR's status data and its current trace

GPR Introductory Webinar

The webinar gives an introduction to the use of #airborne #GPR on #drones - the possibilities offered by the GPR+drone integrated system. The webinar covers the basics of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) usage with a drone:

  1. What is a GPR and why use it with a drone?
  2. Planning and the flight of a drone survey mission with GPR (in simulation mode)
  3. Demonstration of data analysis using data acquired during surveys: - pipeline inspection - locating a lost WWII fighter plane in Greenland
  4. Q&A

GPR Applications



Strata profiling is a standard task that needs to be done before any serious area development or construction works. The standard technique is drilling dozens of holes or conducting a GPR survey on carts.

GPR+drone integrated system delivers higher work productivity and enables safer work conditions for the personnel in cases of rough terrain.

GPR allows finding any potentially dangerous underground water streams or lakes.

Data gathered by GPR on the drone flying at an altitude of 1 meter over an asphalt-covered car parking lot. The layers are clearly visible.


Mapping of underground infrastructure

Mapping of underground infrastructure is an important task before starting any construction works on previously developed territories or in cases when actual documentation and maps for underground infrastructure is missing.


Radar Systems Zond-12e #Drone 1000a #GPR system is applicable to detect small objects with a diameter starting from 8cm and pipes/cables with a diameter starting from 3cm. The GPR+drone integrated system can be used both with a drone or for terrestrial surveys if conditions don't allow to use a drone.

Technical specifications of available configurations

*Currently, only RadSys Zond 500A is certified in USA/Canada

  Radar Systems Zond-12e
Drone 1000a
Radar Systems Zond-12e
Drone 500a
Radarteam Drone CBD
Radarteam Cobra
Plug-In SE-70
Radarteam Cobra
Plug-In SE-150
Frequency range, MHz 600-1300 200-900 50-1400 20-140 20-280
Bandwidth, MHz 700 800 1350 120 260
Centre frequency, MHz 1000 500 500 80 124
Size (L x W x H), cm 41 x 31 x 18 41 x 31 x 18 50 x 35 x 20 139 x 15 x 21 92 x 22 x 22
Weight, kg 3,2 3,2 5,2 4,9 4,6
DJI M600 Pro drone with GPR
Take-off weight
with TB47S batteries, kg 13,6 13,6 14,3 14,3 14,1
with TB48S batteries, kg 14,1 14,1 14,8 14,8 14,6
Approximate flight time
with TB47S batteries, min 18 18 15 15 16
with TB48S batteries, min 24 24 19 19 20
Maximum length of survey line (speed 2m/s)
TB47S batteries, m 2160 2160 1800 1800 1920
TB48S batteries, m 2880 2880 2280 2280 2400

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